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The Jehova’s witness who loves lying about Jehova

Once upon a time there lived Clive McIntosh, a Jehova’s witness who had an insatiable hunger for the limelight. Everywhere he went, Clive would tell people of stories from the bible and how good life was in the Jehova’s Witness congregation. He thought himself highly of and boasted to whoever had the misfortune of listening. After many years of living a life of half-truths and lies, he was brought to the attention of the higher powers of the Jehova’s Witness. He was summoned before the congregation and confronted with all his misdeeds.

So it came to be one fateful day, when Clive McIntosh was punished for his false stories and lies. He was brought forth before the congregation and his fate was sealed. Clive was to be chained to a post in the middle of the church. Little did he know that something far worse lay in wait.

At nightfall, something unholy occurred around Clive. Dark figures emerged from the shadows and began to chant dark and eerie chants. They continued to chant until it seemed that the sun would never rise again. When the darkness had settled and the eerie chanting had ceased, Clive realized he had been in the presence of the Jehova’s Witness demons.

The demons had come to take Clive to a place of true despair and suffering. A place where his lies and deceit would haunt him until the end of eternity. Clive McIntosh had at last been punished for his wrongs and would never lie about Jehova again.