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The Mother nature who loves Her creations

Forest, Wind, Tears

Once upon a time, there was a Mother Nature called Willow, who loved and cherished all of her creations. She took great care of her forests, tending to them with the same gentle breeze that blew through her hair.

But one day, something terrible happened. A fire, caused by careless human hands, swept through Willow’s beloved forests, leaving only charred remains in its wake. Willow wept for days, her tears flowing like a river, unable to understand why her creations had been so brutally taken away.

In the end, Willow was able to find solace in the wind that still blew through the trees, and the new life that was slowly beginning to grow in the wake of the destruction. But the sadness in her heart still remained, and she was reminded of the fragility of life, and the preciousness of each moment she had with her beloved creations.