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The PINEAPPLE who loves To keep people and torcher them with his spikes

pineapple, torcher

Once upon a time, there was a pineapple named Pen. He had a strange fascination with humans, and wanted to keep them with him forever. So, Pen would capture people and keep them in his home, a large, abandoned pineapple field.

Pen’s favorite thing to do was to torcher his captives with his spikes. He would trap them between his sharp leaves and then poke and prod them with his awful spines. The pain was so unbearable that some of his victims would faint from the torment.

Pen thought this was hilarious, so he kept doing it until one day, he had gone too far and killed one of his victims. The other villagers heard about this and were so horrified that they banded together to get rid of Pen.

They formed an army and marched to the pineapple field. Pen was so scared that he ran away, never to be seen again.

But, to this day, the villagers still remember Pen and the terror he inflicted with his spikes. They warn their children to never go into the pineapple field, for fear of meeting Pen and his cruel spikes.