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The Princess who loves Sleep

Jeff is a young princess born into royalty. Though she is expected to learn the traditional ways of her kingdom and carry on the family legacy, she simply can’t bring herself to conform.

Because of her rebellious nature, Jeff’s parents have all but given up on her. To make matters worse, Jeff is plagued by a mysterious illness which makes everyday life a struggle. This illness means that Jeff has to take medication to stay awake during the day and sleep for most of the night.

Despite the many difficulties, Jeff can still find a small bit of joy in her life – her true passion lies in astronomy. She’s able to lose herself in observing the stars at night, and can escape the problems of reality.

When news of war threatens her kingdom, Jeff’s parents require their daughter to marry the prince of a rival kingdom to create peace. Jeff, however, knows that this prince doesn’t respect her and will take away the little freedom she has. With her reluctant agreement, Jeff finds herself walking down the aisle next to a man she does not love.

When the wedding night comes, Jeff can no longer contain her distress. She slips away in the night and runs straight into the forest, seeking refuge in the stars. Little does she know, fate has something else in store for her.

The next morning, Jeff is found dead, surrounded by a peaceful blanket of snow. It is later discovered that she experienced an extreme reaction to the medication she had taken, causing her fragile body to give out.

In the years that follow, Jeff’s kingdom realizes the devastating loss they have suffered. Without her knowledge and free spirit, the kingdom struggles to move forward. People in the kingdom remember her often, never forgetting Jeff’s courage, grace and unconditional love for the stars.