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The Princess who loves to pretend she’s not a princess

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, there lived a beautiful young Princess named Dr Ruth. Dr Ruth was no ordinary princess – she had a secret. Despite being the daughter of the King and Queen of the land, she wanted nothing more than to escape her royal identity and be a normal girl.

So every night, during the darkest hour of the night, Dr Ruth would sneak out of the palace and go explore the kingdom in disguise. She would dress up in commoners’ clothes, wear a hood to hide her long golden locks, and run off into the night.

Dr Ruth loved these adventures, for she felt free. She visited every corner of the kingdom and made friends with the kindest of people. Dr Ruth was no longer royalty, but one of the people.

Then, one day, Dr Ruth made an extraordinary discovery. Citizens were telling tales of a magical hidden cave, filled with the most beautiful treasures of the kingdom.

Dr Ruth listened carefully and decided to search for the cave. Finally, after many days of exploring, she managed to find it! Inside the cave, Dr Ruth was astonished to find all sorts of incredible artifacts and items of unimaginable power.

But before Dr Ruth could leave with her newfound treasures, the King and Queen’s guards appeared. The guards had been searching for her, and they quickly discovered her identity.

Fearing the worst, Dr Ruth was sure that her parents would be furious with her and punish her harshly. But instead of anger, the King and Queen of the kingdom were delighted that their daughter had been on such an incredible adventure.

Realizing that their daughter needed outlets for her creative spirit and adventurous mind, the King and Queen encouraged her to continue exploring the world beyond the palace gates. For, as they reminded Dr Ruth, no matter how much she wanted to pretend that she wasn’t a Princess, it was a part of who she was and something to be proud of.

And so, from that day forth, Dr Ruth carried on with her adventures, confident and free, as both a Princess and a traveller who never stopped exploring.