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The shapeshifter who loves flicking bogeys in arrogant kids faces

Once upon a time there lived a shapeshifter called Mr Chumly Warner. He was an odd creature, with the ability to change his form to suit his needs.

One day, Mr Chumly decided to play a trick on some arrogant kids. He changed himself into a slimy bogey and flew around the school playground, flicking bogeys in the faces of the kids.

At first, they were amused by the strange sight of a bogey flying around them. But their amusement quickly turned to terror when the bogey started speaking in a strange, deep voice.

“No one disobeys Mr Chumly Warner,” it said, in a menacing tone.

The kids were terrified, but they knew there was no way to escape. Mr Chumly continued to fly around, flicking bogeys in the kids’ faces and chastising them for their arrogance.

The kids eventually learned their lesson, and from then on, they were careful to be polite to everyone around them.

But as for Mr Chumly Warner, he continued to fly around, flicking bogeys in the faces of the arrogant kids. And so the story of Mr Chumly Warner and his bogey-flicking ways lives on to this day.