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The talking pie who loves slathering herself in cream

Once upon a time there was a sad talking pie named Piely Minogue, and that’s because she was always looking for something to make her happy. She spent most of her days alone in her kitchen, baking pie after pie and none of them tasted quite right. That’s because what Piely really wanted was to have someone to love her, and to show her that she could be her own person – and that she didn’t need to slather herself in cream to be happy.

However, Piely’s wish went unanswered.

Despite reaching out to others around her and trying her best to make her pies perfect, everyone simply thought she was weird for not just being like all of the other pies.

One day, something changed. She heard the voice of a girl in her kitchen and Piely opened her mouth to talk. The girl asked Piely if she liked to slather herself in cream. Piely quietly whispered, “yes”.

The girl pulled out a spoon and started to spread on some cream for Piely. As she did, Piely started to open up to the girl and tell her stories of her baking adventures, and the girl told Piely stories of her own. For the first time in Piely’s life, she felt understood, accepted, and special.

Piely started to smile openly and the next day she finally found the taste, texture and flavour she had been looking for all this time – because she had found her own special ingredient inside – love.

But Piely Minogue’s love story did not have a fairytale ending. The girl had to go, leaving Piely with nothing but memories of a new found joy that had come too soon.

Piely still bakes every day, but now she never forgets to add a little excess of love in each and every pie she bakes – in remembrance of the day when she finally found the person who helped her discover how she could be herself and still be loved.