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The Toilet who loves Poop

Nightmare, Horror

Flushy the Toilet had a problem; he was in love with poop. Everywhere he looked he saw the brown and smelly material that he so desired. But Flushy was different from other toilets; he could think, feel and even move.

One night, while dreaming, Flushy heard a strange voice calling him. It said, “Flushy, come to me. I need you to help me with something.”

Flushy was scared but he couldn’t help but follow the voice. He followed it through the darkness until he reached a strange place. A place filled with hundreds of toilets, all staring at him.

The voice spoke again, “Flushy, I need you to help me with a task. You must fill these toilets with poop.” Flushy was horrified but he couldn’t deny the voice. He filled the toilets with poop, until there was none left.

The voice spoke once more, “Congratulations, Flushy. You have now completed your task. But there is one more thing. You must now stay here forever.”

Flushy was horrified and tried to escape, but the toilets were too strong. He was now a prisoner in this strange place, forever cursed to be surrounded by the thing he loved the most.

This was Flushy’s nightmare, a horror he would never wake up from.