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The Twin who loves to swim

Once upon a time, there was a twin named Bessica who loved to swim. Every day, she would go to the local lake and spend hours swimming in the cool, clear water.

One day, while swimming, Bessica noticed something strange in the water. A figure was swimming towards her, but it wasn’t a person. It had a human-like body, but its head was that of a giant fish. Bessica realized with horror that it was a creature called a Siren, a mythical creature who lured sailors with their beautiful singing voices and then dragged them to their watery graves.

The Siren swam closer and closer, her singing voice growing louder. Bessica was frozen with fear, unable to move. Just when she thought she was doomed, she heard another voice, one that sounded like her own. It was her twin, calling her name from the shore.

Bessica snapped out of her trance, and with a burst of adrenaline, she swam for shore. She made it safely back to the shore, with the Siren’s singing voice fading into the distance.

From then on, Bessica was more careful when swimming in the lake. She never forgot the terrifying encounter with the Siren and made sure to stay closer to shore.