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The Warrior who loves Sleep



Shadows and a light fog stretch as far as the eye can see. Suddenly a figure emerges from the fog. It is MAGNUS, a warrior clad in thick armor and a dark cloak. His eyes are blazing with an intensity that makes it clear why no one dares pick a fight with him.


Magnus walks into an inn, the light from the hearth greeting him as he enters. Everyone around him is tense and silent. He takes a seat by the fire and takes off his helm, revealing a face that shows a lifetime of experience and endurance.

Magnus orders some food and rests his aching body. He then let’s out a deep sigh and closes his eyes to enjoy the warmth of the fire. Little by little, he begins to drift off into a deep slumber.

Suddenly, an inhuman screech echoes through the inn. Everyone looks outside, yet the fog is so thick that nobody can make out what the noise was. Panic and confusion spread through the inn, yet Magnus remains sound asleep despite the commotion. Minutes pass, and the noise ceases. Once again, silence reigns.


The morning sun reveals a gruesome scene: scattered corpses of locals, drained of their life force, lie everywhere between the trees. The silence is only broken by the knelling of a bell as the village mourns for their fallen.

As the villagers seek for an answer, they soon realize that their only hope lies in a man deep asleep…


The villagers look up in wonder. Here stands Magnus, his body still covered in armor and his face unwaveringly serene. Calmly, he asks the villagers what has happened and they explain the unexplainable.

Suddenly, Magnus’s eyes flash with rage and he calls out a name that fills the villagers with fear – the name of the monster that had taken away their loved ones…


Magnus embarks on a journey in search of the creature, his peace of sleep forgotten. Determination in his heart, he sets out to fight the monster and avenge the lives of those lost.

Throughout his quest, the monster’s screams and the soldiers’ rallying cries fill the air.