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The Warriot who loves Physics

Gladys is a Warriot from a far away kingdom. She has an inestimable love of physics and a stern leadership style, but she also has a secret. The kingdom she hails from is rife with a brewing war and she wasn’t sent there to serve as a guard, but instead to help create a weapon of mass destruction.

Gladys and her team of scientists gather in the bowels of a secret lab and develop a weapon that could bring an otherwise victorious war to a bloody end. As the war progresses, tension between the warring nations mounts and the stakes of Gladys’ weapon rise ever higher.

Desperate to avoid the horror of such a weapon being unleashed, rival warring factions launch a daring midnight raid on the weapons lab. The raiders have no clue to the sheer power and danger the weapon holds and they are not prepared to face Gladys. She single-handedly defends her weapon, until the attackers flee in fear, beat down by her decisive combat prowess.

Gladys is resolute in her mission to protect her weapon, but when a diplomatic mission arrives for peace talks, she learns that her weapon could be used as a deterrent instead of a tool of war. Torn between her passion for physics and her country’s need for peace, Gladys is left to make a difficult decision. In the end, she risks everything to save her people from the terror of the weapon she created.