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The Zombies who loves Brains

Eric, Brains, Zombie

Once upon a time there was a zombie named Eric who had a most unusual appetite. Instead of craving the flesh of humans, Eric craved something much more unusual – brains.

He would wander the night, searching high and low for unsuspecting victims whose brains he could consume. Little did he know, his victims were never truly unsuspecting.

Rumors of his peculiar tastes had spread far and wide, and soon Eric had become the bogeyman of town. People would lock their doors and windows, and tell their children tales of a zombie who liked brains – Eric.

It wasn’t long before Eric found himself in a battle he couldn’t win. He was hunted by villagers, armed with pitchforks, torches and shotguns. He never stood a chance.

On the night of the final confrontation, Eric was surrounded. He knew his fate was sealed and he accepted it. But just as the villagers were about to strike him down, a single voice rang out, “Wait! Don’t kill him!”

It was an old woman who had known Eric since he was a child. She had heard the rumors and had come to save him.

“He’s not an evil zombie,” she said, “He just has an odd appetite. I can help him find brains without having to hurt anyone.”

The villagers looked at each other and eventually agreed. Eric was spared and the woman took him away.

To this day, Eric still wanders in search of brains, but he does it without harm. He has the old woman to thank for that.